"ADPi stole my heart from the very beginning. I remember going to Greek Carnival and being very observant to try to see which sorority would fit my quirky personality the best. All of the chapters were lined up straight and tall, waiting to meet all the new girls. I saw one group of girls dancing to the music and just looking like they were having a blast. Immediately, I knew that was where I belonged. I went straight to all the fun, spirited, dancing women—the ADPis. After a single conversation, I knew it was a perfect fit."

-Riley Rose

"Coming to Cal as a 3rd year made me afraid I would struggle to find my place, but the second I stepped into ADPi I knew I had found home. Spending time around my sisters never fails to leave me inspired by their brilliance, confidence, and positivity, and I love knowing they will be in my life forever. ADPi challenges me to fulfill every bit of my potential, and leaves me with a million memories full of love, laughter, and adventure."

-Maite Bradley-Silva

UC Berkeley | Alpha Delta Pi

2400 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

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