A Letter from Our Recruitment Chair

To register for fall formal recruitment 2020 and learn more

about the recruitment process, visit: www.calphc.com


Letters of Recommendation: 

Submit through Pride Online at this link:


Unity Day

Welcome to the first day of recruitment! You will visit all the chapters in the UC Berkeley Panhellenic Council to get to know the sisters of each house. Tell us about yourself and feel free to ask questions, we're so excited to meet you!

Sisterhood Day

On Sisterhood Day, you will learn more about each chapter as you receive house tours from the sisters. You'll get the see the bedrooms, sundeck, and common rooms of our chapter's house that was once owned by Phoebe Hearst of the Hearst Family! 

Philanthropy Day

On this day, we'll be telling you about our Philanthropy - The Ronald McDonald House. Our national philanthropy is extremely close to our hearts and we can't wait to tell you about all of our philanthropic events like Fit Fest and ADPi Pizza Pie.  

Pref Night

This is a very special night as we get to talk to you for the last time during the recruitment process. We encourage you to ask us about why we chose ADPi and why it makes us feel at home. We look forward to sharing our preference ceremony with you - and chocolate cake!

Bid Day

Boom boom baby! You will be receiving your bid into Psi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi and get to know all of your new sisters who will become family by the end of your 4 years at Berkeley. Bid day involves lots of dancing, glitter, food, and fun so get ready! 

UC Berkeley | Alpha Delta Pi

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